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ADuC847 and WSD Download Data

Question asked by Mr_M_from_G on Apr 7, 2014
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Hi everybody,


I would like to program ADuC847s with Code and Data. Code works fine ever since but now I have a new need to also program data. But here I struggle over a number of questions.

- What is the file format for data? WSD wants a text file, I found some examples but I am not quiet sure how it is set up.

- Is there a way to generate such a text file automatically, eg. out of a C-file. We use Keil compiler.

- Can I read out data and generate such a textfile from a ADuC847 that has changed its EE contents?

- Is there a way in WSD to program only data without first erasing code? This would be in order to give a programmed ADuC847 one out of a number of configurations.


Thank you for any help