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block addressing

Question asked by drugoimir on Apr 6, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by drugoimir

I'm referring to this post

about "grown" blocks addressing and i'm facing the same problem.

In detail, i would have the addresses of a grown simple block, in my

case a linear gain, contiguous in order to have my inter-processor

communications more efficient.

But on my, quite large, project i see that, at least in one case, i see

that this is not respected: i have the addresses of a gain block one

at location 442, one at location 444.

In the post i attached, Brett said that grown blocks should have

contiguous addresses, but i'm guessing that this is not a fixed rule.

Isn't it?

If so, will i have to modify all sigma-dsp writes in order to transfer all

grown blocks parameters independently as they were belonging to different blocks ?

May AD try to optimize their sigma-studio compiler in order to achieve this ?