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ADAU1446 Hilbert transform response

Question asked by drugoimir on Apr 5, 2014
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i'm using the Hilbert transform block on an ADAU1446 for envelope calculation.

It really has a phase difference of 90° between its outputs, but you cannot call

any of the two output a "zero degrees" output, because it shows a

non-constant group delay respect to input.

Maybe i could solve this using a fir filter implementation of HT, but it would need

too much memory resources.


So, my questions are:

-is it possible to make an all-pass filter to compensate one of the two outputs so it

gets phase-linear in respect to the HT transform block?

-to have an idea of the phase response of one of the two outputs of the HT block,

i used a stimulus/probe block, but it seems not to work (i get no amplitude or phase trace).

I could use an external vector analyzer....but could you provide some details on this

or have i to use hardware instrumentation?


Many thanks.