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Offset LVDT Conditioner AD698AP

Question asked by Math_31 on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Math_31

Hello all,

I am contacting you because i'll need to receive some support about the AD698AP.

The wiring diagram of the component is given below and in attachment.LVDT_AD698AP.png

We opened the circuit at the resistors R4 and R3, we also have shorted inputs AIN + and AIN - in order to directly measure the offset component at Vout .

We measure an offset of - 600mV , while on the datasheet the maximum offset of the component must be 1 % of full scale voltage which is according to our calcul :
20 * ( 1 % ) = 0.01 * 20 = 200 mV max .

Is it normal to get a 600mV offset ?
What is the value given in the datasheet as 1% of FS ?
The offset component is it fixed or does it vary depending on the input / gain power ?

Thank you for your attention to my request,

Best regards,