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dealing with huge delays in ADSP21489 with sigma studio

Question asked by liangbread on Apr 4, 2014
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    I have built up an audio processing system of 4 inputs and 8 outputs in ADSP21489 with sigma studio.And as to meet the specific application,up to 12 audio ports,every input and output port of the system should be available to offer 1000ms delay time,which means up to 12000ms  delay time.Additionally,the sample rate of the system is 96khz.

    So I consider the drag-and-drop delay algorithm module in sigma studio will no longer be suitable,As for delay module in sigma,all the algorithm have to run with the memory source on chip.On the contrary,that much huge delays will take a lot of memory to be better to resides in SDRAM.

    It's probably  that some one may gets in the problem as described above.And how to resolved it?


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