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Hardware configuration

Question asked by Kumar@99 on Apr 4, 2014
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We planed to use ADC AD9269 16 bit ADC 80MSPS and DAC AD9747 16bit.

These two devices have two parallel data buses one for each channel.

  • AD9747 states that in single port mode I & Q data can be placed on Port1 data bus. I am interfacing this DAC to ADSP21366 (16 parallel data bus), with what reference (Clock or DCO)  should I post data. Can you send interface details for the above requirement.
  • In 9269 interleaved mode, channel A & B data are valid with reference to DCO, but on which data bus and how to select it.
  • In these ADC and DAC data sheets bypass capacitor values are not mentioned. How to derive these inputs.