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(VDK + lwIP + recv) reset dsp?

Question asked by BlueIceScream on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by CraigG

I have project that use VDK + lwIP. One device that sends data and 50 devices that receives data.

My receiver code is:


#include "MulticastReceiverThread.h"

#include <new>


#include <defBF518.h>

#include <services/services.h>

#include <drivers/adi_dev.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <string.h>

#include "adi_ssl_init.h"


#include <lwip/sockets.h>

#include "MultiBuffer.h"


#define RECEIVER_PORT_NUM 12345


#pragma file_attr("OS_Component=Threads")

#pragma file_attr("Threads")


unsigned char* ReceivePacket;


void MulticastReceiverThread::Run()


    int socket_fd;

    struct sockaddr_in sa,ra;


    int recv_data;

    socket_fd = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0);


    if ( socket_fd < 0 )  {

         printf("socket call failed");




     memset(&sa, 0, sizeof(struct sockaddr_in));

    ra.sin_family = AF_INET;

    ra.sin_port = htons(RECEIVER_PORT_NUM);


    if (bind(socket_fd, (struct sockaddr *)&ra, sizeof(struct sockaddr_in)) == -1) {




     // data length = 50 bytes

     // header size = 3 bytes

    ReceivePacket=new unsigned char[DATALENGTH+PACKET_HEADER_SIZE] ;


    while(1)  {

         recv_data = recv(socket_fd,ReceivePacket,DATALENGTH+PACKET_HEADER_SIZE,0);








I run receiver device and after 10min (sometimes 20min, 40min, 1 hour, 5 hours) dsp stops. I tried to connect to dsp with JTAG ICE100B, but i can't and have error like JTAG can't find target.


Also i tried run program on receiver device with loading it to SDRAM with ICE100B. But after several minutes i have error in IDDE that says:

target is disconnected! After this error i cant connect to device. I must turn off device and turn on. Only after this i can again connect to it.


9 devices from 50 works like this. other 41 devices works perfectly without problems.


if i comment recv(..) function all works fine.


Devices are custom boards with BF518F dsp .(but sdram and ethernet driver the same as on BF518 EZBoard).


in ldf settings i have:


   external memory 32MB,  

   partition default,

   system heap L3 external 4MB,

   user heap L1 8KB


network configuration:


    user_net_config_info[0].imask = 0

    user_net_config_info[0].rx_buffs = 60;

    user_net_config_info[0].tx_buffs = 40;

    user_net_config_info[0].rx_buff_datalen = 1600;

    user_net_config_info[0].tx_buff_datalen = 1548;

    user_net_config_info[0].buff_area = 0;

    user_net_config_info[0].buff_area_size = 0;

    user_net_config_info[0].use_dhcp = 0;


    user_net_config_info[0].mac_addr[0] = 0x1C;

    user_net_config_info[0].mac_addr[1] = 0xC1;

    user_net_config_info[0].mac_addr[2] = 0xDE;

    user_net_config_info[0].mac_addr[3] = 0xB4;

    user_net_config_info[0].mac_addr[4] = 0x79;

    user_net_config_info[0].mac_addr[5] = DeviceNum;


    user_net_config_info[0].ipaddr = (0xC0A801<<8) | DeviceNum;

    user_net_config_info[0].netmask = 0xFFFFFF00;


    user_net_config_info[0].gateway = 0x0;