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How to use the RMS full range compressor of mono in 21489?

Question asked by liangbread on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by liangbread

    Being different from the sigma studio of sigma DSP,ADSP21489  contain less compressor algorithm modules.As to meet the very needs of full range and adjustable attack time,I have to apply the RMS full range compressor of mono with ext detector control.

    Now I am feeling uncertain about the connection of its red pin.As the help manual says"The signal applied to the red pin will scale the signals applied to the green pins accordingly.",so is it right to connect the red pin directly to the audio signal as the input to the green pin via a "T connection" or via a "signal envelope"?

    Perhaps,I am totally wrong with the usage of it.And it is appreciated that some one will correct me.

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