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bfrom_SpiBoot on BF592 - can not even boot from original sector.

Question asked by ExtrasensorySystems on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by Suraj

Hi All,

I have a home brewed BF592 board with a standard M25P16 flash, which I can boot from and read and write as I please.

I use it in the firmware for calibration storage and I have full access to the flash, which is the boot flash on SPI1 and SPI1_SSEL5 (PG11).
This is apparently the standard boot mode and the program comes up perfectly and runs.


In the program, I have an option for booting into an alternate calibration software, which resides in sector 1 of the flash,

from 0x10000. For that purpose, I have attempted an experiment, rebooting the same program using the bfrom_SpiBoot call.


I am calling thus:

bfrom_SpiBoot(0x00000000,BFLAG_PERIPHERAL |  BFLAG_FASTREAD | BFLAG_TYPE3 | 6,0,NULL);


I have tried BFLAG_TYPE4, slower speed, verified EVT1 is pointing where it should be, that all devices are powered up.

I have tried issuing CLI before the call.

I have tried
I have verified that FER registers are good for SPI1, but that SPI1_SSEL5  (PG11) is set as GPIO


I am using DMA7 and 8 with the UART in the app, everything else is bitbanged with no interrupts
enabled. I use bfrom_SysControl to set the PLL.


I can access the flash perfectly from my program, exactly as it is used by the bootloader.


If I execute from the IDE, I get

Target halted due to software breakpoint but no breakpoint found at address: 0xef0005fa

    Possible reasons are:

    1.An embedded breakpoint (EMUEXCPT instruction) in the code

    2.A breakpoint is placed at the last instruction of a do() loop


So I load the program into the flash and power cycle. It starts up.
I send the command over the UART that calls bfrom_SpiBoot() - and the program crashes.


Why does my program crash?


Also, is there a way to boot into UART mode? I suspect a combination of SYSCR and SWRST writes ought to do it.
Any recipes out there to boot from UART?


Cheers all,