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Question asked by Bastler on Apr 2, 2014
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I have a problem with the offset calculation, so I made a test with short circuit inputs.


I get a result of the AIRMS register of 0x0004A2 with AIRMSOS = 0x000000

For my tests, I write a negativ value to AIRMSOS = 0xFFFEFF.


The calculated result of the ADE7880 is AIRMS = 0x00B513, I thought the value will be decreased ?


What does the ADE 7880 with the formula  Irms=(Irms0^2 + 128*AIRMSOS)^0.5  ?

                                                                      0xB513 = (0x0004A2^2+128* 0xFFFEFF)^0.5


Do I have to convert the value of the AIRMSOS register ?


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