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Does ADV7181D support 720x480 RGB input with 8 bit 422 output

Question asked by Rocky on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by JerryS

there are 2 input sources with similar timing, one is 720x480 YPbPr and another is 720x480 RGB.

when I use the script of ##CP 525p/625p## :525p/60Hz YprPb In 8Bit 422 HS/VS Encoder, the YPbPr input could be encoded perfectly, the output clock is 54Mhz. However, since there is no reference script for encode 720x480 RGB, by modify above YPbPr script(only chang SOY to separate HS_IN & VS_IN), the RGB input could be encoded, but of cource the color is wrong, I believe there should be some method to config customer CSC to solve this problem, or if there are some other approach. thanks for your help.