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ADAU1772 operating

Question asked by al_go on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by DaveThib

Part Number: ADAU1772
Linear Product Category: A/D Converters

1/ Does the circuit receive adc_data and transmit dac_data in a same frame or
in separated frames?

2/ in TDM mode why having 8 channels while only 2 dac channels or 4 adc
channels exist?

3/ What is the tolerance about the 48/96/192khz sampling frequency?

4/ In a TDM emission or reception, which channel is affected to each slot?

5/ for a TDM emission/reception, what is the slot length : always 32 BCLK
periods even for a 16 bits data or can it be 16 periods?

Thanks for your help