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Symbol 'SYM_NAME' could not be resolved

Question asked by dkt on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by CraigG

I have had a VisualDSP++ project that uses the Additional options in the Compile options to add my own 'config' file with preprocessor macro definitions, e.g: my Additional options: @ ..\ConfigFile.cfg

and the file contains:






In visualDSP this all works fine, then moving the project into CCES I can still build and run my project and all the preprocessor macros seem to be working fine, I don't get any errors and the correct version numbers are used from my additional options file.


However, in the IDE when I navigate to any file that uses these macro defines, the macro name gets highlighted and errors are added to the Problems tab saying: Symbol 'NUM_CHANNELS' could not be resolved (Error type: Semantic Error), and so on for each of the definitions.


How do i get the IDE to realize that these definitions exist in the additional options file and not cause an error or if this isn't possible how do i suppress these errors.


In addition I am also getting a similar error with ssync() and csync(), When looking at a file where these are called I get the error: Function 'ssync' could not be resolved even with ccblkfn.h included.


I am using CCES 1.0.3 with a BF533 target.