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AD9548 DPLL is not locked

Question asked by Ignat on Apr 1, 2014
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I use the AD9548 in own design and there are some initial points:

  1. 1PPS (4 uS pulse width) on Reference A
  2. Just one Profile 0
  3. 24.5757 MHz CMOS TCXO for SYSCLK
  4. SYSCLK 933.8766 MHz
  5. DDS 176.9472 MHz
  6. Outputs are 58.9824 MHz, 5.89824 MHz and 32.768 kHz.

The DPLL loop filter settings: loop BW of 20 mHz, 70 deg pm, and a 3rd pole offset (at -3dB) of 0.5 Hz. 

At first, I checked out how the AD9548 works in free-run mode. Result was well.

Then I wrote the rest of the registers. 3 - 4 minutes later, reading appropriate status registers, I got: SYSCLK is locked and stable, Reference is valid, History available.

DPLL is active, but is not locked. I watched the same on an oscilloscope.

What is wrong?

Help me, please.

Silicon revision is 0xC6.

Device ID is 0x48.

P.S. I would like to avoid buying the evaluation board.


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