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SPI on AD2S1210

Question asked by inaresh on Apr 1, 2014
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I'm trying to read position information from Resolver using AD2S1210 via SPI interface. As it can be observed in the waveform attached, SCLK is being driven with 5MHz clock generated from dsPIC33F series micro. /CS is pulled down permanently. /WR//FSYNCH is signal driven with slave select signal from micro which toggles for every 16 clock cycles. But I happen to read on forums that it should be pulled down for 24 clock cycles? Can some one please clarify this point? And whatever the data I read on scope, is it correct? Is it completely the position information or any fault data included?


FYI the resolver is just connected to the 1210 evaluation board and it is fixed at a random position.


Also, how is it possible to generate this kind of custom pulses (SAMPLE, /WR//FSYNCH, A0, A1) as per the timing diagram specified using a typical micro controller?