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AD9914/15 POW word

Question asked by Quang on Apr 1, 2014
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In the AD9914/15 Profiles mode, can anyone confirm that:


1. The POW word should be calculated according to equation given on page 19 of datasheet

2. This equation gives a 14 bit word

3. This word should be stored in the 14 LSB bits of the 16 bits Profile POW register.


As per usual with the many things in the AD9914/15 datasheets you can sort of make a guess but can't be absolutely sure because the datasheets aren't absolutely clear. For the ASF it seems a bit clearer, it's a 12 bits word from the equation in page 19 and is stored in the 12 LSB bits of the 16 bits ASF register, this is clearer because the register map says the 4 MSB bits are open. From the ASF I made the deduction for the POW but want to be 100% sure.


Please can anyone help.