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Problem with Video Output

Question asked by joykon85 on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by Suraj

I'm trying to use the BF609 ezkit run the BDTI Dice Dot Counting Demo written for the finboard.


Done many necessary changes like changing the input source to the video decoder source.


Met with a few problems. Hope to find some help here.


1) The encoder's callback function did not get triggered initially. However when I comment out the function: "adi_DMCamInit()" (found in edgedection.c), it could work.

I have no idea why this is so nor what the function does.


2) After commenting out the above function, the program runs and does not get stuck at one point. However the output was running all over the place. The screen's output was there but was shifting around rapidly.


3) To solve the above, I commented out "ADI_FindContours" and "update_contour_count" functions found in node1.c in core1.

"ADI_FindContours" finds the coordinates and number of the dots and "update_contour_count" displays the numbers and draws a box around the dots if it is set to. So effectively, I changed the program to one which passes the video through the processor. The video now appears correctly on the screen.


4) Next I commented only "update_contour_count" out because it affects the output buffer. However "ADI_FindContours" finds the dots from a seperate buffer which is the video with edge detection applied. So this funciton should not mess up the video output. However it still did, though the amount of movement is greatly reduced.


Am very confused by the phenomenon observed above. Maybe also due to my limited understanding of the 3 functions mentioned.


Hope to find some help. Thanks.