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CN-0267: DEMO-AD5700

Question asked by lux on Mar 31, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by tjohnson

Hello ,

We have trouble getting started with the DEMO-AD5700 operation.  We are lost and need some help.

We are not very  familiar with  the HART system and commnucation. We've just begun.)


The situation is as follows.

  The ICs on the baord except the AD5700 seem to be functioning.  We can see the default display waitng for a UART command input on the     controlling PC.

When a master is connected  with the board and send some command , the CD  on the AD5700 gets HIGH.

Everyhting seems ok so far, but we don't know how to go further, i.e. to return the   HART responses to the master.



  What data can the AD5700 on the board send to the master  via HART modem actually?  

In the DEMO-AD5700D2Z.c file, there is a descriotion that " the HART RESPONSE function implements only response to Command 0

and to ADI-Non Public test commmads".

Does this imply the demo board is made to respond only to Command 0 and return its ID accordingly , and the data such as the Temperature

cannot be send via HART modem?


Best Regrads,