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No audio input and output of ADAU1446(only J13,J5)

Question asked by shen on Jul 26, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by shen


I'm a novice of SigmaDSP and It's my first day to evaluate EVAL-ADAU1446.

To verify the board, I connect input to the output directly as the following.


Then I connect my MP3 and headphone to the board.

1. Connect MP3 to J12, J13,J14,J15 respectively, and headphone to J4;

          only the J13 is abnormal, no sound can be heard from headphone.

2. Connect MP3 to J12, and headphone to J4,J5,J6.....J11 respectively;

          only the J5 is abnormal, no sound can be heard from headphone;


Something wrong with my settings? or the Eval board is not OK?

Many thanks to some answers!