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Practical OpAmp filter based on Filter Wizard design not working

Question asked by Spacerowa on Mar 30, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by harryh


I have built a filter exactly to the design I created using Filter Wizard; part of the circuit ( 7 pole Chebychev low pass ) is shown below.

But my filter doesn't work, there is no measurable output. As I have not been successful in modelling a Sallen Key topology using the web based ADIsimOpAmp tool, I have to post this to the forum for some advice on what is going on with my circuit.

My input signal is AC coupled 1.18Vp-p giving 432mVp-p on stage A non-inverting input pin. Supply voltage is 0V, 11.8V ( single supply ).

Here are the DC conditions I have measured : REF 5.85V, stage A inverting input 6.93V, stage A output 11.7V, stage B inverting input 11.13V, stage B output 11.09V, and basically this now repeats to the output end of the signal chain.

My initial thought is that there is lack of output headroom on the OpAmp outputs.

I have no signal conditioning, DC level shifting on my input signal. Do I need it ? Should I use a resistive divider on Stage A non-inverting input pin, or can REF be used to preserve power supply rejection ratio ?

Or is it a different problem ?

I hope the forum can help me with advice and suggestions.