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What is the BF60x max Link Port clock frequency?

Question asked by Wojtek on Mar 28, 2014
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What is the BF60x max Link Port clock frequency? I found two seemingly conflicting statements in the BF60x data sheet rev. A dated February 2014.  According to Table 17 on page 53, max LP frequency = 83.3 MHz in both directions. However, on page 78 the first paragraph on the right says: "In the case where VALUE = 0, fLCLKTPROG = fSCLK0", where maximum fSCLK0 = 125 MHz in Table 17. Thus, page 78 is telling me that the LP transmit clock can be as fast as 125 MHz. Quite a difference from the 83.3 MHz quoted in table 17.

The same discrepancy applies to the EPPI clock fPCLKPROG as well, if you compare Table 17 (fPCLKPROG = 83.3 MHz) with page 74 (fPCLKPROG = fSCLK0 = 125 MHz for VALUE = 0).

Could you please advise what is the true max speed of both the EPPI and the LP in the BF60x processors?

Thank you

-- Wojtek