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AD9910 Gerbers

Question asked by mantow on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2014 by mantow

Hi Engineerzone,


I have a query regarding the gerber files provided for the AD9910 evaluation board on the ADI website. The evaluation board has worked very well for us and I'm taking a closer look at integrating the chip onto my own PCB using the layout of the eval board as a guideline. I've noticed that the provided gerbers don't quite match up to the physical eval boards that we have, in terms of some of the tracking and perhaps some of the plane areas to the chip.


The provided gerbers have a silkscreen ID of AD9910 Eval Board Z (Rev G) with a date  2007, while my eval board is Board Z (Rev G) with a date of 2008. Would it be possible to request updated gerbers to aid users' PCB development ?