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AD8618 supply decoupling

Question asked by zea on Mar 28, 2014
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I'm designing a PCB with four AD8618, single supply +3V and all channels as voltage followers (see attached figure, U3-U6). U1 is the voltage regulator in the circuit, and the output is decoupled with a 4.7uF tantalum cap (C2). Now my question is whether I actually need the decoupling caps on the op-amps (C5-C12). I'm using two decoupling caps per op-amp, one 0.1uF ceramic and one 10uF tantalum. The PCB traces between U1 and U4 (as well as U1 and U5) is approx. 4 cm. The traces between U1 and U3 (as well as U6) is approx. 10 cm.

If you please have some ideas on this I would be very grateful!


Thanks in advance,