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HDCP Handling of ADV7511W.

Question asked by Tamu on Mar 28, 2014
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I have a question about HDCP Handling of ADV7511W.


There is a description about  HDCP Software Implementation on the programming guide page.99, figure 24.

When it required that go back to "start" on the figure 24 during HDCP authentication in order to re-write Aksv etc,
we think we have to control HDCP Enable (0xAF bit:7) as follows:
1) request re-writing Aksv from Rx device.
2) AV mute control from SOC.
3) HDCP Disable (0xAF bit:7 = 0) of ADV7511W.
4) HDCP Enable (0xAF bit:7 = 1) of ADV7511W in order to go back to "start" on the figure 24 for re-writing Aksv.



How much time should the SOC wait from "3) HDCP Disable (0xAF bit:7 = 0)" to "HDCP Enable (0xAF bit:7 = 1)"?

(Please tell me how much wait time is required for ADV7511W.)

If the SOC does not have wait time from 3) to 4), then it may cause "Ri mismatch".


Thank you.
Best regards.