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ADV7850 HDMI input, need I2S pin output

Question asked by Sam.S on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Sam.S

Hi Sir,


We have an ADV7850 EVB and verified HDMI input / HDMI output. The audio is normal and can hear from HDMI display,

but when we probe the I2S output pin, can't see the output waveform in scope.


the script file is:



and we using the script as below:

##Scripts 5 HDMI IN ##     ":5.1a Port A HDMI IN  HDMI Out 48Khz PCM I2S audio"


Even we clear the IO map R0x15 BIT[4] (tri_audio) to "0", still can't see any waveform output.


And if we made the I2S pin output audio signal, the HDMI Tx can still output audio normally?


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you!