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what's the difference between the application for sigma studio version of 2.0.0 and 2.1.0?

Question asked by liangbread on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by JJoseph

Developing ADSP-21489 with sigma studio,I have developed a project of sigma for sharc 2.0.0 in CCES,and all are fine with 48kHz sample rates.But problems come up in the sample rates of 96kHz with discontinuous audio and sounding like the noise.After debugging I found the problem caused by the processing speed hard to carry up with SPORTS interrupt service routine.At that situation,processing will be nested by SPORTS ISR,and the ProcessingTooLong() function will be called.

Releasing this problem I increase the NUM_SAMPLES macro to 128 as the block size in sigma studio,even though,the problem is not yet resolved.

After dragging more algorithm modules to the block schematic in sigma studio,the problem comes up with the undesirable  noise.By the way,my framework is 4 ins and 8 outs in I2S mode.

All I can do with this problem is to remove the SPORT output ISR to decrease the interrupting times,as well as build a project of application version of 2.1.0.And whether the application version of 2.1.0 is more efficient than 2.0.0?

Also the critical problem is to resolve the noise problem as described above,and hope someone can give me some opinions about it.