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7816 Power Direction, revised datasheet

Question asked by dBC on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by dBC

I just noticed that in Table 26 of Rev A of the datasheet, the following has been inserted:


Bit 14 (CHANNEL_SEL) of COMPMODE must be set to the same current channels.


I currently use the CHSIGN register to monitor the direction of power on all 6 channels, and use the REVxPSEL bits in the ACCMODE register to select which bank of 3 channels I'm looking at.  However, I don't currently do anything with the COMPMODE register.  While I'm happy to comply with this requirement, I'd like to better understand the risks of not complying, so I know what to look out for in our existing releases.  If I set the bits in the ACCMODE register, but not in the COMPMODE register, what happens?


It was this old thread that got me to where I am now:


re-reading it, I do see it was suggested that


did you also set the bits 7 (REVRPSEL) and 6 (REVAPSEL) to 1


I guess I didn't pick up on the significance of the word also and instead focused on this part of the reply:


The bit 14 (CHANNEL_SEL) in COMPMODE only identifies the phases that are monitored from the power quality perspective.


Since I don't use the power quality stuff, I assumed (incorrectly it now seems) that I didn't need to mess with the COMPMODE bits.