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Sigma300 (ADAU145x) Q&A

Question asked by Syndicate on Mar 27, 2014
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Long time reader first time poster here. I was really glad to see the release of the new generation of SigmaDSP and started to work on a DSP box based on ADAU1452. However I cannot find answers by myself to a couple of questions, so I’d like to ask you guys a few things.


1) The press release states that…


Independent slave and master I2C/SPI control ports allow the ADAU1452 not only to be programmed and configured by an external master device, but also to act as the master and directly configure external slave devices.„


…and the datasheet says…


“Boot and control external slave devices such as codecs and amplifiers. Read from and write to an external SPI RAM or flash memory.”


This all sounds great, I can see a Master Control Port block in the latest SigmaStudio version, but it cannot be dragged in to the schematic or anywhere else to.


My first question is, how is this block going to work?

And the second is, when?


2) In a previous SigmaStudio version there was an External Delay block, that looked identical to the regular Zn Delay, but it did not occupy RAM space for sample data. Was that block included in SigmaStudio by mistake or is it really going to be possible to add more external RAM (and flash memory beyond the EEPROM for self-boot) to the DSP?


3) SPDIF Input block is not available in SigmaStudio, but only Output. When can we expect the implementation of the SPDIF Input block?


4) “In most applications, the S/PDIF receiver input is asynchronous to the DSP core, so an ASRC is typically required; in such cases, the S/PDIF input cell must not be used.”

This signal flow diagram is from the datasheet:


How is it possible to connect the SPDIF input to the ASRC?


5) Do you have a development schedule or timetable available for the implementation of upcoming Sigma300 blocks? I’m interested in it in private message too, if that’s more appropriate.


All your feedback is much appreciated.

Thank you!