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JTAG Problems with ADSP-CM403F EZ-KIT Lite

Question asked by Kristian_C on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Kristian_C

I am having trouble with loading firmware into the ADSP-CM403F EZ-KIT Lite using JTAG as opposed to SWD.  When I attempt to load firmware using IAR Workbench configured for JTAG, I receive the error: "Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries."  However, when I configure the Workbench for SWD, I am able to load firmware and begin debugging without issue.  I tried using the J-Link Commander software (J-Link.exe available here: and again, the software is unable to connect to the DSP via JTAG but recognizes the DSP using SWD.  I have attached a picture of the output of the J-Link.exe initial screen that indicates that no devices can be found on the JTAG chain but success using SWD. I am unaware of any selection switches on the eval board that would influence JTAG vs. SWD communication.  Considering that the J-Link.exe cannot recognize a JTAG device, I doubt that my IAR Workbench settings are problematic.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!