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Questions about Programming Code into SPI Flash with ADSP21479

Question asked by nlsa001 on Mar 27, 2014
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After my code (work with ADSP21479) passed debug, I programmed the code into the SPI Flash Mem by the generated .ldr file in which I configured as followed:


After I programmed the code and tested the DSP boards, I got some questions as followed:

1. I used ADZS-USB-ICE/VisualDSP++ or a 3rd Party Programmer(JTAG port) to program the same Loader file generated by VisualDSP, but only part of the programmed DSPs work, say, about 50%.

2. When I ran the failed DSP under ADZS-USB-ICE and VisualDSP, and when build a project, it always ran by itself but not ran the code part. And some times I got following information:

3. I found the good programmed DSP always work well, but the bad ones could work very few times during multiple running (Power On and DSP Reset). I checked one of the bad DSP board with a simple testing code that just generates pulses at Flag0; it worked only two times when I ran it for tens of times. Followed pictures show the same DSP board at the cases of work and not work after the DSP Reset:

(In the diagrams: the Yellow trace is DSP Reset, the Blue one is SPI Flash Data-out, the Purple one is SPI Clock, and the Green one is the Flag0 output.)

Work case after the DSP Reset


No work case after the DSP Reset.


4. When I built the Loader file, if I choose Release for the Settings for Configuration, the programmed DSP running got different result with ones under the emulator(ADSZ-USB-ICE)/VisualDSP.


Would you please check my questions and the attached files to findout the possible reasons that make the issue?


(I am not sure if you could see the pictures when I post, I also attached the posted pictures).


Please let me know should you need other information about my questions.


Thank you,