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Difference between ADI and Xilinx U-boot for ZYNQ

Question asked by zynq_th on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2014 by larsc
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Was this issue resolved. I may be having similar issue with the u-boot.elf.

Here is the scenario:

Case 1: I generate all the binaries and elf (system.bit,u-boot.elf,FSBL.elf, bOOT.bin , uImage and devicetree.dtb) from scratch. The u-boot  was from xilionx git server. The linux system does not boot. In fact it never goes past u-boot as it keeps looking for uramdisk file.

if I modify the bootm command arguemnt to not load uramdisk , then it goes past u-boot and but hangs in kernel panic as system does not see the RFS (correct behaviour in my opinion).

Case 2: I generate all the binaries and elf exept u-boot.elf. I use the u-boot.elf privided by Analog Devices for their distribution for Zc702 board. In this case system boots up just fine.


It looks like u-boot by Analog devices and from xilinx are behaving differently. so does anybody know the the difference. Also which source was used in generating the u-boot.elf provided by Analog devices distribution for Zc702 boards.


Thanks in advance.