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BF609 transmit data by EPPI2

Question asked by hehe_ on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Prashant

hi everyone:


I want to transmit data by EPPI2, but meet tow problems.  one of them is how set the  initial state of FS1 and FS2 to low level. another is the sample number of the first line is not equal the other.

my code is:

ADI_EPPI_HANDLE eppi_init_TX(int index, uint8_t *driver_mem, uint8_t *buffer, ADI_CALLBACK pCallback)


          ADI_EPPI_HANDLE eppi;

          ADI_EPPI_RESULT result = adi_eppi_Open(index, ADI_EPPI_DIRECTION_TX , driver_mem, (uint32_t)ADI_EPPI_MEMORY_SIZE, &eppi);

          result = adi_eppi_SetITUMode(eppi, ADI_EPPI_GENERAL_PURPOSE);

          result = adi_eppi_SetFSMode(eppi, ADI_EPPI_FS_MODE2);

          result = adi_eppi_SetDataLength(eppi, ADI_EPPI_8BIT);

          result = adi_eppi_SetPack(eppi, true);

          result = adi_eppi_RepetiveBufferEnable(eppi, true);

          result = adi_eppi_SetDmaTransferSize(eppi, ADI_EPPI_DMA_TRANSFER_32BIT);

          result = adi_eppi_SetClockDivide(eppi,ClockDivide);

          result = adi_eppi_SetInternalClk(eppi, true);

          result = adi_eppi_SetFSPolarity(eppi, ADI_EPPI_FS1LO_FS2LO);

          result = adi_eppi_SetClkPolarity(eppi, ADI_EPPI_RISECLK_RISEFS);

          result = adi_eppi_SetInternalFS (eppi, true);

          result = adi_eppi_SetFieldSelect(eppi,true);

    result = adi_eppi_SetFrameSync1(eppi,Period_1,Width_1,Delay_1);

  result = adi_eppi_SetSamplesPerLine(eppi, COL_S);

  result = adi_eppi_SetFrameSync2(eppi,Period_2,Width_2,Delay_2);

          result = adi_eppi_SetLinesPerFrame(eppi, ROW_S);

          result = adi_eppi_SetPack(eppi, true);

          result = adi_eppi_SubmitBuffer(eppi, buffer, ROW_S * COL_S);

          result = adi_eppi_RegisterCallback(eppi, pCallback, 0);

          return eppi;



I use the follow api to send data.

adi_eppi_SubmitBuffer(g_eppi2, g_buffer2, ROW_S * COL_S);


the wave of FS1 for transmission first picture:


the wave of FS1 for transmission others picture:



I want to solve those problem as soon as possible. Hope someone can help me.