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Question asked by Bastler on Mar 27, 2014
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I have some problems with the registers during the calibration.


In the AN-1771, page 11, is described how to calculate the xVGAIN register, but I didn't understand the formulas.


If I solve the equation (1) to (3) and put it in (2) I get (4), which means my value is 1.


Where is my failure ?



For example  (1) I have an VoltageInput= 0,0076V, the ADE convert it to VRMS = 83200 -> Vconstant = 0,0911µV


Calculation of xVGAIN

(2) I take the values from (1) and my result is 2^23


Can you give me a definition or an example of the different values in the formula ?


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