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Import header files in assembly

Question asked by NCully on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2010 by NCully

Importing C header files into assembly code works fine if the header file is in same directory as the project i.e. .import "Headerfile.h"


However it doesn't work if I have .import "Module1\headerfile.h". Error is


cc3046: {D} error: Directory `.\Debug\Module1' does not exist
ccblkfn.exe: 1 error detected
[Error ea1072] "..\Modules\Module1\function.asm":33 'Module1\headerfile.h':
Import header file failed to compile.
Please correct the compilation errors and re-assemble



Directory structure is as follows


+ VDSPProject (works if header file is in this directory)

    + Debug

+ Modules

    + Module1

    + Module2 (does not work if header file is in this directory)


I have VDSP 5.0 update 7. would update 8 fix it?


Any other work arounds?