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ADE7758 fires continously Interupts

Question asked by sommer on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by hmani

Hi all,


I am using the ADE7758 in power transmitter application. The mask register is programmed to fire interrupts on zero crossing of all line voltages, timeout on line A and reaching n linecycles. The value of the maskregister is 0x01E40. The device works fine, but recently we have serious problems with some parts. Without any signal fed on the inputs the interrupt is continously firing interrupts. As a result the uC is busy reading the ADE7758. I don't know if these parts are faulty, but they all have the batch number #1228 and #1127. I spent much time searching for some error in our circuit, but i didn't find any. By the way, the device in in production for several years. Any ideas?