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DDS function in latest Vivado build

Question asked by pete.pjb on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by pete.pjb

Dear Sir/Madam,


Please can you confirm that the DDS function in the latest build of the FMCOMMS2 with ZC702 evaluation board for Vivado (as downloaded from github hdl folder and api code ad9361 no OS) is broken as I am struggling to get any sensible output whilst using it with the API code. This worked before on the old build for  platform studio when I tried it.

I get a sine wave at +1MHz offset from the carrier frequency (which I assume is correct) if I set the code to use the DMA function and the sine LUT but with the DDS I am getting just unrecognisable outputs on my spectrum analyser.  This is just a sanity check for me I realise it may be a while before it gets fixed...


Thank you in advance.


Kind Regards,




Peter J. Bone

One Technology Group Limited.

United Kingdom.