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AD9361 API Driver Implementation in Spartan 6 using MicroBlaze

Question asked by howtoworkwithdevices on Mar 26, 2014



Am using AD9361 in my project. I've been trying to initialize the chip by configuring all the parameters. I happened to go through the code available online for the ML605 evaluation board.


I wish to implement the codes available for spartan 6 FPGA. I noticed that the existing code uses DDR3 RAM, Ethernet, apart from SPI, GPIOs and AD9361 Digital Interface,etc.


My question is, i wish to know if i can run the available code successfully without DDR3 and Ethernet sections from it, since my board doesn't have provisions for it.


If required, i wish to know how the DDR3 and Ethernet are contributing to the function of the AD9361 drivers in ML605.


If there's anything else that i must take care while implementing this in spartan 6, kindly let me know those too.