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Audio input configuration of ADV7623

Question asked by Jacy on Mar 26, 2014

Dear All,


     I am working of a project that need to apply external I2S audio to ADV7623 and output via HDMI TX section. The connection are: MCLK input to PIN68(MCLK_IN),  SCLK to PIN69(SCLK_IN),  LRSCLK to PIN70 (AP5_IN) and AudioData to PIN76(AP1_IN).

     I read the  section 8.4 of the Hardware Manual, but still not work it out. External audio still can not apply to HDMI . What configuration i need to set for that?

    Further more, If the RX HDMI also contain audio, how can I de-select the HDMI audio and apply external audio and output via HDMI?


    Thanks for your time.


    Best wishes.