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BF506F EZ-Kit adi_dev_open() problem: opening ADC device and UART device handle

Question asked by MBHeitec on Mar 25, 2014
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i'm new to DSPs and i want to use the adi-Libraries instead of editing registers. With all the given examples i tried to figure out, how i have to handle the library functions.

I want to use the internal ADC to sample a signal and then send the digital values via UART to the computer.

I used the example codes and ended up with two adi_dev_open() lines, each followed by a adi_dev_control() function. One adi_dev_open() is for the ADC module and one for the UART device. If i open only one of these devices, so there's only one adi_dev_open(), everything is fine. But if i have a second adi_dev_open(), this function returns not zero, but something like 0x03000040. What does this mean? Where is the problem? Has it something to do with the parameter: adi_dev_ManagerHandle?


Thank you! It's for my master thesis.


Here's the problematic code snippet:

/* open the UART driver */
    nResult = adi_dev_Open(  adi_dev_ManagerHandle,          /* Dev manager Handle                   */
                             &ADIUARTEntryPoint,             /* Entry point for Interrupt driven UART*/
                             UART_DEVICE_NUMBER,             /* Device number                        */
                             NULL,                           /* No client handle                     */
                             &UARTDriverHandle,              /* Location to store UART driver handle */
                             ADI_DEV_DIRECTION_BIDIRECTIONAL,/* Data Direction                       */
                             NULL,                           /* Handle to DMA Manager                */
                             hDcbManager,                 /* Handle to callback manager           */
                             UARTCallback);                  /* Callback Function                    */
    /* pass UART configuration table to the driver */
    nResult = adi_dev_Control(UARTDriverHandle, ADI_DEV_CMD_TABLE, (void*)UARTConfigTable);
    /* Open BF506F ADC Device */
    nResult = adi_dev_Open(adi_dev_ManagerHandle,

    /* Configure ADC driver and ACM/SPORT Device registers */
    nResult = (adi_dev_Control (hAdcDevice,
                                (void *) &aoAdcConfig[0]));