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EZKit BF548: How to allocate big memory area in DDR-SDRAM?

Question asked by MichaelD on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by WassimB



I need to allocate a memory area of about 50 MB (or as much if possible if the BF needs some space for other purposes). BF548 EZKit Lite has got 64 MB of external DDR-SDRAM , so the needed space should fit into the SDRAM.

But if I define a User Heap of 50 MB in Project Options I get the following linker error:



[Error li1040] ".\Firmware.ldf":578 Out of memory in output section 'sdram0_bank3' in processor 'p0'
        Total of 0x3200000 word(s) were not mapped.


What do I have to do to define enough memory space in SDRAM to use the needed 50 MB?

The Problem seems to be due to the DDR-SDRAM is partitioned into 4 banks with 16MB, but how can I pass this issue?