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ADE7758 DC Voltage and Current Measurement

Question asked by levi92 on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by dlath



I would like to measure DC voltage and current with my ADE7758 IC,


I have found some idea about it from AN-639


"Can the ADE energy meters measure dcpower?

Yes. DC power can be measured using ADE ICs. To do so, the

high-pass filter has to be disabled. However, the dc energy

accuracy error is expected to be around 1% over a 100:1

dynamic range."


By setting DISHPF (bit 0 of OPMODE), the high pass filter should be disabled. I'm wondering is that anything else to be set?


Do I have to do some changes on the attenuation circuit because I will be needed to measure up to 50Vdc, An attenuation factor of 100 will be good enough  to maintain the input signal to be less than 500mVpeak?


Besides that, the burden resistor,Rb will removed if hall effect sensor is being used as the current transducer? Thanks.