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ADF41020 Design Simulation Error

Question asked by lguancho on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by PeterW

Hello.    I would like to implement a fixed frequency generator of 12.2GHz using the ADF41020.  In order to improve the in-band phase noise (within loop bandiwdth),  I intend to use 50MHz phase detector frequency, using an external 100MHz Reference frequency (R divider =2)


However,  when I try to simulate the 12.2GHz fixed frequency PLL using ADISimPLL V3.41,  the software  prompted me the following error


" ADF41020 is incompatible with these requirements

  Using P=8 Prescaler exceeds max prescaler output frequency of 330MHz

  P=16 Prescaler cannot achieve desired channel

  P=16 Prescaler cannot achieve N value of 61

  P=64 Prescaler cannot achieve N value of 61

  No valid prescaler option could be found"


I could understand P=8 problem, but with P=16,  the prescaler output frequency shall be 190MHz (below the prescaler max frequency).   With P=16, B=3, A=13=>   we should be able to achieve the N=244 [  i.e. 4*(3*16+13)].  Why does the software prompt us that the N value cannot be achieved?


Anyone could help me?  Appreciate your help on this matter