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ADV7611 disordered when input signal unstable

Question asked by JerryS on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by DaveD



I have met a ADV7611 disordered problem when input signal unstable.

as some source device connector are not tight, the input data signal may be lost.

Expecially, HDMI cable plug and unplug test, this pblem occurs percentage increased.

RD have tired to check HDMI Map, TMDS_PLL lock status, and CP Map, HPA status.

TMDS PLL lock and HPA are "high" for locked status during problem occured. it seems to TMDS clock is locked .

After RD re-initial ADV7611 or H/W reset, this problem is fixed.

May I know what kind input condition to let ADV7611 disordered?