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How Power-on reset work on AD5391?

Question asked by sofy Employee on Mar 25, 2014
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I have several question about AD5391 Power-on reset and power up sequence.


1)  Power-on reset is powered by DVDD?

2) What DVDD voltage make start Power-on reset procedure?

3) For avoiding un-expected analog ouput, should power up AVDD after DVDD? (Power-on reset might prevent unexpected analog output during power up sequence?)

4) About AD5391 datasheet page 37,


The AD539x contains an internal power-on reset circuit with a 10 ms  brown-out time. If the power supply ramp rate exceeds 10 ms, the user  should reset ...(cont.)


It seems that Power-on reset will not work because too slow DVDD ramp-up over 10ms. My understanding is correct?

Is large distance between AVDD and DVDD power on timing also may not start Power-on reset?


5) If RESET and CLR pins are external pull down at the start of power up system, Power-on reset will work?

(RESET and CLR also connected FPGA, after finish FPGA configuration, FPGA make these pins high.)


Thank you for your help in advance.