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How to deactivate ADV7513 0x7C I2C address

Question asked by neky on Mar 24, 2014
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I migrated from AD9889B chip to ADV7613 and I have a small problem.

ADV7613 seems to use 0x7c address, undocumented.


When I scan I2C bus I have acknowledges from ADV7513 :

Acknowledge at 0x70 - AD9889B/ADV7513 PACKET

Acknowledge at 0x72 - AD9889B/ADV7513 MAIN

Acknowledge at 0x78 - ADV7513 CEC

Acknowledge at 0x7c - ?

Acknowledge at 0x7e - AD9889B/ADV7513 EDID


Acknowledge at 0x7c is a problem for me beacause I have an ADV7611 on my board

and 0x7c address is affected to ADV7611 INFOFRAME.

Is it possible to deactivate 0x7c response from ADV7513 or map it to another I2C location ?


Best Regards

Eugene Nekipelow