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need a basic clock circuit for AD9834

Question asked by DanMez on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by DanMez

I am trying to build an experimental prototype that generates a variable sine wave, amplifies it, applies it to a test fixture, then ultimately reads a result by a couple ADCs.  But for now I just care about a clock for the AD9834, which I would like to be able to vari by software control, several steps from approx. 3.2MHz - 75MHz.  I originally thought I would just use crystals and caps, but then I discovered your clock generators. 


I'm not familar with this area, I tried to look at a simple example by downloading the Ap Note "Generating Mupltiple Clock Outputs from the AD9540" but the link was broken.


Later in the project, I'll need to have higher frequencies and a good handle on the jitter issues when I select the ADCs, but for now just want to get something basic, to get a taste for this area of clock generators.  Can anyone suggest a basic Ap Note and maybe a part that allows control thru something like a SPI bus?  (I could also be happy with a jumper to select a couple frequencies)


I thought maybe the AD9510 might be one of the more simple parts in this series but after seeing it has 48 pins, it might be a little challenging integrating it with my prototype, just hoping to do something quick and dirty.