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ADAS1000 as 1 Lead System

Question asked by tapanshahp on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by Padraic


Has anyone tried using the ADAS1000 as a 1 Lead System? I am trying to build a simple and portable EKG system using the ADAS1000. However, I only want to use 2 electrodes (1 Lead). From the 10 Leads I am able to use the ADAS1000 with a minimum of 3 electrodes: the RA, LA and LL.

However, if I removed 1 electrode i.e. the LL and try to use it as a 1 Lead system (2 electrodes) it works intermittently. All inputs are from Fluke Simulator.


I am attaching 3 screenshot here:

1> With 2 electrodes RA, LA in vector format - minimum or no effect of human movement

2> With 2 electrodes RA, LA in electrode format - no human movement near the board, physical contact

3> With 2 electrodes RA, LA in electrode format - some human movement near the board, no physical contact


When I say human movement, I mean things like just waving my hand in the air. I am not physically touching the board or the Fluke Simulator.

Can anyone tell why the signal moves around so much when there is just some human movement? Is it that our body is picking up some signal by acting as an antenna and that is somehow being coupled onto the board?