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The SPI 24bit Flash detection Routine is OK,BUT the booting is failure.

Question asked by Joshua on Jul 21, 2010
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   I am new from China. I now using your BF561 for wireless solution. The booting from SPI Flash AT25DF641is always failure.


   1) I have worked with TI C6713DSP for about 3 years. I recently learn your ADSP BF561.


   2) By the SPI port(P5) on ADSP-BF561 Ezkit,  The SPI Flash AT25DF641 on a small PCB is connected. the water leds is OK,and the booting from SPI FLASH is also OK.  So I make sure the  flow chart of booting from SPI Flash is well done.


   3) When booting from SPI on my system PCB(having same flash & sdram with EVB), the result is failure by the well-done flow-chat on EVB. When power on , the MOSI & SCK are dectected. The figure is here. And it is the same as Figure 17(p17,Memory detection routine for a 24-bit addressable device.) in EE314. But the following is wrong, MISO is always low.(0x00).When i connect the PCB by HALT connection mode,  The SPI MMRs is following:


SPI_CTL = 0x0400;

SPI_FLG = 0xFB04;

SPI_STAT = 0x0005;   // No new data in SPI_TDBR.

SPI_BAUD = 0x85;


      The inCLK = 20MHz,SysCLK=40MHz.(DPM is not default.)


    I think the resut is not with my initcode. because the DATA in flash is not began to transimitted by SPI. 

     How is happening,RW or HW in problem??


     Thanks for your helps.