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ADDI7004 LVDS Pattern Generation.

Question asked by on Mar 24, 2014
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Currently I'm using ADDI7004 in our product development.

We already fabricate the PCB for this board.


1. I already follow the power-up/initialization sequence required to start-up the ADC IC.(Recommended Power Sequence Pg:34 ADDI7004 Datasheet.)

    From here, I have my LVDS TCLK working on all channel synchronize with my CLI input(~30MHz).

2. I try to make the ADDI7004 output stream of LVDS Pattern on LVDS DOUT by setting the pattern as 0x5555. Then I enable the pattern generator       multiplexer. However there are nothing are streaming out from the LVDS DOUT in any of the channel.

3. I used a default setup which using SHP,SHD,PBLK and CLPOP internally. Do I need to supply other signal to make the LVDS DOUT pattern            generator work? or any other Register need to be configure to make LVDS pattern generator work?