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CN0274 Evaluation Board

Question asked by ducttape on Mar 22, 2014
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I recently purchased the CN0274 and the corresponding SDP board.  I've had no issues setting up the two together and experimenting with the system software.  For the next step in my project I'd like to just work with the CN0274 as a stand-alone board to start on prototyping the installation (I don't care about the size of the board at this point). 


So the questions I have are:

Is there a way to operate the CN0274 without the SDP plugged into my computer?


What are the pin-outs for J4?  I don't see any specific reference in the material I've found and I'm sure they are there for a reason.


When programing the ADXL362 - I can't tell if those settings are durable in the event of the circuit power being removed.  Can someone clarify the behavior WRT the progamming?